Kind Words

Working with Donna was very helpful to establish an online presence for my chiropractic office. Donna has tons of knowledge and the tools necessary to market your business online. She kept me accountable which was key to increasing my online visibility and drive patients to my website. Thanks for all the help!

Dr. Luke Reineck

Living With Motion Chiropractic


Thank you so much, Donna! You’re the *BEST* coach I’ve ever worked with. I’ll be back soon! 🙂




“Before coming to you, I was both a little nervous and excited about my business – I had a sense of my direction, but I just couldn’t bring myself to really get focused because I knew that something wasn’t fully lined up. It must have been all of our laughter or something, but something clicked into place with you.

Now, I have the missing piece to get my tail into gear and get moving! What peace of mind to get unstuck. I was starting to get a little worried that something was amiss in my business. But now, not only am I excited, I am directed. What power. Thank you.

I also want to thank you for sharing resources and strategy ideas. You have given me things to chew on for many days, and you can count on me to get in touch if I get stuck down the road. I am curious to see where our story will go because I know it will not end just because this phase of coaching is over.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Mary-Elizabeth Harmon

Mary-Elizabeth Harmon


“Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are “in the know” realize that their business success improves significantly when they work closely with a business coach. If you want your success to skyrocket, however, you have to have a very special business coach to make that happen. That is why I work with Donna Amos. She challenges me constantly to break down my self-imposed barriers, create new revenue streams, and develop systems to become more efficient and more effective. I highly recommend Donna because she can help you achieve what you might not think is possible for your business. She will help you realize those infinite possibilities. I know because she is already helping make them happen for me.”

Dennis Devlin

Consumer Clarity


“From the very moment I began working with Donna Amos, I KNEW she was a “stellar lady” in every way. In my group sessions with Donna, there are 4 of us, each one at a different level of business, entrepreneurial and passionistic level. There has never been and I KNOW there never will be any condemnation from Donna. She accepts us where we are on our journey, BUT she does encourage and expect us to move on up higher and higher. To get the best and be the best we can be. Her love and concern for each of us is VERY obvious, and there has never been any question asked that she either didn’t know or didn’t have access to an answer. Her ready knowledge and wisdom is vast and she has a way of explaining things that are understandable and comprehensible. Donna is not “stand-offish- she always makes herself available to us-no question is too dumb or not worthy to be answered. Her true heart and goal is for each one of her clients to get what they came for and encourage them to move on up. FOUNDATION is also very important to her. She says to her clients what needs to be said-ALWAYS.Donna’s business is worthy of your time, effort and sacrifice. I ABSOLUTELY encourage you take the opportunity to be her client.”

Jeanna Scott

 Life Coach


I feel truly blessed to have discovered you, Donna! You are such a gift. Your friendly and caring personal attention combined with organized, clear and focused strategies and support materials have made a huge impact in my business already … and we’re not even at the half-way mark yet! I always knew how to be a great graphic designer but had never fully learned how to be a business person. I had gathered scattered bits and pieces picked up over the 20 years I was in business but hadn’t *quite* managed to merge into something focused and streamlined. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel or to feel repelled by the nuts and bolts of running a business. Your step-by-step process is exactly what I had been searching for to bring it all together and fill in the gaps … and more importantly, to provide CLARITY and a sense of EASE. Each time I hang up from our calls I feel like I’m glowing with enthusiasm and positive expectancy … the kind that’s so valuable in moving forwards and creating positive change. And the bottom line is … I *see* it in my business. I’m clear and I know exactly what to do. My clients tell me they notice it and that it gives *them* a sense of ease! You have provided me with a system which allows me to relax and do what I do best, to create beautiful, soulful visuals for people. There are a million words I could throw out there to describe you … savvy, supportive, nurturing, insightful, encouraging, fun, kind, knowledgeable … but suffice it to say, “THANK YOU!”



Working with Donna Amos and being a member of her Roadmap To Business Growth program absolutely changed my writing career and my business. Donna is the best coach I’ve ever worked with – she is wise, smart, creative, understanding and supportive. She believes in your dreams more than you do, she always catches you when you fall, she always knows what to say, and she is always right (I don’t know how she does it). When I met her, I thought my dream of being a full-time author was just a dream. Today, thanks to Donna, I have a successful writing career that I’m passionate about, I believe in myself, my business stands on strong pillars, and I have

marketing and time management systems in place that enable me to focus on what I really love and want to do – on writing! One of the most wonderful things about Donna and her work is the fact that she can really feel you – she guides you to do the things that you love, to make them work, and have lots of fun while building the business of your dreams. Donna is passionate about her work, she genuinely cares for her clients and she always overdelivers. I absolutely trust her: Donna’s expertise is unique, her knowledge is exceptional, and her tough love and no-nonsense approach are like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Donna is more than just a coach – she is your biggest supporter and fan, your guide, and a wonderful friend. A lady with a great sense of humor, she coaches you to success and happiness with grace, passion and zest. I strongly recommend Donna’s Roadmap To Business Growth: It will be the best investment of your life, and it will change your future, guaranteed!

Barbara Conelli


“Infinite Possibilities Coaching is not just a name. Donna’s company provides infinite possibilities for business growth and development. Participating in Infinite Possibilities Coaching is like climbing a ladder to higher vistas–it takes you and your business from wherever you presently are to much higher goals than you might anticipate setting for yourself. Being a new Solopreneur venturing into uncharted territory, Donna has helped guide me with ideas and suggestions for consideration without pressing me in a specific business direction. Donna’s tools and expertise have been paramount in helping me chart a business path which will provide me with a fulfilling life purpose. It is amazing how much clearer my chosen business path has becoming as I have worked with Donna and Infinite Possibilities Coaching. With Donna’s help,

I am seeing my business focus grow daily, and it was quite unclear where I wanted to go when I began working with Donna. If you are wanting to transform your business into a fulfilling and successful endeavor, or begin a business and you aren’t sure where to start, I believe Infinite Possibilities Coaching is well worth every penny you might spend. With Donna’s coaching ability, I have found my road towards business success, and as I find ongoing success, Donna will be my first resource for continued growth and development.”

Sandy Cook

Learning Abeled Kids


Dear Donna,

I “woof” you!! Thank you for your words of wisdom – – and the love food….you always provide me with inspiration for the journey!

Linda A. B. Miller